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Exclusive Interview With Nova Flash

Exclusive Interview With Nova Flash 

1. Where are you from? please introduce yourself.
I'm Novaflash_, a swedish model based in Östergötland.

I love being creative and do alternative styled
photoshoots, cosplay and lingerie photoshoots. My style is a mix between
cuteness and evil, angelic and devilish. I love shooting sexy underwear and high heels to add that sensuelle and femenine vibe to a photo.

2. Who/what influenced you to become a model?
I've always had a creative
interest,  with makeup, styling, posing - i love expressing myself trough creativity. I started doing photoshoots by myself, i rigged up a camera at home, pushed all my furnitures aside and set up different lamps to get the right light.
I looked trough all the photos to learn how to pose better for my bodytype.
I posted the finished material online, and from there i got contacted by photographers who wanted to work with me.

I find inspiration everywhere, from locations i see....
different light and colour combinations, other people, cosplays, movies, art. I love to have an open mind and to create from it.

3. How did you feel when you did your first ever photoshoot?
I was nervous but so happy. The photographer were easy to work with and it was so much fun being in a studio for the first time. I remember that i brought a red bull to push my energy up, i hadn't slept very well the night before cause i was so excited and nervous. I think the nervousness was gone after 15 min, i felt at home.

4. What did you consider the thoughest aspect of this job?
You need to stay alert and be smart all the time. There's a lot of bad people who will try to take advantage of you in every way they can. There are people with big egos and small hearts, they see a young girl with modeldreams as a prey. They sign her up on the worst deals, they make money out of her hard work but she will never see a single coin.

I consider that to be the worst aspect of the model industry, the ugly side is really, really ugly. I've learned my lesson.There's only one person i work for, and that's myself.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
I would like to work more with modeling on an
international level. I would love to travel more, network and meet good people.

6. What are your biggest accomplishments as a model?
My biggest accomplishment was to build something from nothing.
Looking back i never thought i had the strenght and curage to start modeling,

 but i just went for it. And little by little i started to grow a fanbase, they pushed me to keep on going. Keep on fighting for my dream. This makes me smile everyday.

7. How do you cope under the pressure of being a model?
For me, it's sometimes
stressful to find the time for everything i have to do. I work as a nurse and i do modeling on my sparetime. In between i try to find the time to keep myself active and fit, trying to catch a good night of sleep, meet family and friends. I have to work on my modeling everyday, keeping contact, planning brand collaboration, update my social media and do what i can to reach a broad audience with my work.  Sometimes i feel like 24 hours is not long enough for a day, but in the end, it's all worth the hard work.

8. Any message for our readers and to your fans?
I would like to say thank you. A big thanks to my wonderful supporting people all over the world. Thank you for all the kind words and endless positive vibes. The world needs more kindness.


[email protected]

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