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1. where are you from please introduce your self. 
I was born in Thailand and my father is Swiss and my mother is Thai.  I moved to Switzerland when I was 6 years old.

2. What made you want to pursue a career in modeling? 
The profession of model has been my dream job since childhood. 
An agency in Thailand made me start as a teenager when I was a teenager.  When I was 16, I was accepted into Switzerland by 2 well-known model agencies.  Today I work independently because I want to do more sexy things.

3. what is your greatest strength as a model?
I am quite tall for an Asian girl, 170 cm.  And I have
radiation and love the job, you can see that in the

4. what are your goals as a model?
My goal is to become known in America and to be allowed to model there for
well-known brands and magazines.

5. what do you enjoy doing outside of modeling?
I love traveling and travel as often as i can and i like going out.

6. what are you biggest accomplishments as model?
Fashionshows and shoot for designers and I was in a few magazines.

7. Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all? 
No, I work till nude as a Model .

8. If a young girl wanted to be a model what would be your advice for her?
Start as early as possible and never give up if you really want it.  No matter how hard it is!

9. Where our readers and fans can find you online?
fans can visit my website check my instgram or visit
my fansonly link to check my exclusive uncensored content.



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