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Shalyce Diamond

shalyce diamond is aspiring women who i would say is a jack of all trades. actress,singer and modeI , shes not out here making a career just because of
beautiful looks.
When it comes to business the suit is on.
She someone who knows what its like to grow up with less fortunate things and has worked hard to get where she is today. The goals in her life are to share her talent with the world of entertainment. Shes the type that stops at nothing to reach the success she desires not just for herself but for her kids and family Her passion for singing and acting is what made her the beautiful woman she is today.

Shes made many
accomplishments hosting and special guest appearances. Shes just completed her first E.P. called scopophilia that you will fing on all major social media site.
Shes worked with great people in this time of her career that has opened up
opportunities for a lifetime, just finished a mansion power shoot in dallas tx. One of the biggest celebrity
photoshoot work shop, that gives hard working model's a chance to advance their
careers. Soon she will make working major people in the industry, and so much more to come for this wonderful lady. Shes somone you want to remember, because this girl is destined for greatness.



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