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Sabrina Starkes

 Sabrina Starkes Intro

Sabrina Starkes, Also known as Sabrina The Model is an all around model in the entertainment world who is a Published Model, Model instructor, Actress, Promoter, Brand Ambassador, Host, & Guest Speaker ,creative director & tv personality ,photographer and who is currently based in Houston, Texas since August 2018. She was born on October 9th, 1986, in Norfolk, Virginia. 

She started out enjoying dressing up & dancing in front of the camera as a little girl. She then began to pursue her modeling career in 2015 in Jacksonville, Fl. She is unique because she’s a tattoo model who does it all as she is working her way to the top. She is known for her hard work and loyalty. 

She has been featured on 150+ promotion flyers. In 2017 she won the Top Model Award for the Indies Music Awards in Jacksonville, Fl. She also won the Hustle Hard Top Model award in Houston, Texas in 2018 after being there a couple of months. She has been featured on business websites such as streams Of talent, Big 

Business Society, and more. She has appeared in 6 Movies and short films in since moving to Houston Texas.she has Also featured in 14 music videos.she has been featured in 4 magazines.

Her Resume Includes, Acting, Live Interviews, Model Managing, Hosting, Runway, Staring in music videos, Working With independent artist, Guest Speaking, Artist Consulting, Promoting and Holding Events for independent artist, red carpet hosting plus more. She also started her own Duval Elite rap cypher. She has had Her Own Thursday Nights @ The Silverfox along with Mr.CutDaRedTape. She Also had Her Own Sunday Nights @Bottomz Up with Tweek Land. 

All you can do is be yourself, be different and work hard to get where you want to be in life

Sabrina The Model





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