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1. where are you from please introduce your self.
I am originally from London England now living in Los Angeles California and I absolutely love it!

2. What made you want to pursue a career in modelling?  
I have been modelling and acting since I was a child I did my first TV commercial at three years old and have been working nonstop ever since. I was always shy, I still am except when I get in front of a camera and that’s when I’m able to be fearless!

3. what is your greatest strength as a model?
I’m very easy to work with, I’d like to think I have a great attitude and I’m confident in front of the camera and hopefully, that shows through in my pictures.

4. what are your goals as a model?
To continue doing what I’m doing, it’s always exciting to be published in magazines such as yourself!

5. what do you enjoy doing outside of modelling?
I’m very outdoorsy ,I love nature.  I love the ocean, I love to swim, kayak , Jetski ,hike and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. i’m also a huge animal lover and 
spending time with animals brings me great joy. 

6. what are you biggest accomplishments as a model?
I’ve had some wonderful 
opportunities, having a 
celebrity feature in playboy magazine USA was definitely one of them!

7. Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all?  
I am an animal lover and 
advocate and I would never ever model real fur.

8. where our readers and your fans can find you online?


INSTAGRAM : Stacey Hayes

FACEBOOK : Stacey Hayes

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